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Interview w/ LM

28. února 2009 v 14:50 | marorr |  LeATHERMOUTH News
UG: How did LeATHERMOUTH initially group together, and what were the reasons behind the group's formation?
Rob Hughes: LeATHERMOUTH was originally a side project, formed just for fun. Finding a vocalist was difficult, but once Frank heard what LeATHERMOUTH had written, he held a vision for the group, and asked if he could become LeATHERMOUTH's vocalist.

Making of Desolation Row

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Foto - G+L

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Foto - Ray's wedding

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No 'New Moon', MCR on being a 'comic book band'

21. února 2009 v 17:15 | marorr |  MCR - News
Na mtv.com se objevila další dvě krátká videa. Na první s názvem My Chemical Romance go '80s for Watchmen', say no to 'New Moon' se můžete mrknout tady a druhé je zde s názvem MCR on Being a 'comic book band'.
Tentokrát se dostali ke slovu už i ostatní :)

Foto - Watchmen Screening

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Video - Franks on his Macbeth Shoes

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MTV interview, UA movie

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Na mtv.com se můžete podívat na krátký rozhovor o novém albu. It Won't Be A 'Kitchen Sink' Affair... A na kerrang.com potom článek o UA filmu a o jeho režírování...:)

Interview w/ Frank (2/09)

16. února 2009 v 13:42 | marorr |  LeATHERMOUTH News
Listen! Download an mp3 of this interview here .
By Deborah J. Draisin

Q: Hey Frank, it's Deb from Jersey Beat, how are you?

F: Hey Deb, I gotta tell you: I really want to thank you; I know it's been hell getting in touch with me for this interview.

Q: No, it's all right, I appreciate that you're in the studio and I guess there was a communication issue, so it's fine. I appreciate your time, too - you're taking time out of what you're doing.

F: No absolutely. That's the thing; we just got here a couple of days ago, and we're just getting a feel yet of what the record is going to be like, and stuff like that, so it's really just fleshing out like a couple of songs here and there. I'm really getting into the stride now, so…

Q: I checked; it's exactly the same temperature this week in Los Angeles as it is in New York City - good plan, there!

Frank in Kerrang! (2/09)

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Happy Valentine! :)


interview w/ Gerard, Complex magazine (2/09)

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Never Let Them Know It's Your First Time
Even if it's literally your first time performing, you never tell your audience. It's the same with the comic. I've been writing comics since I was about 14 years old, but you still don't want to appear to be a novice. If you believe it, then everybody else will.
Everthing Will Look Better in Your Autobiography
That's adapted from my literary hero Grant Morrison. I was a little nervous about doing the comic, and that's one of the things Grant told me. If it's a huge success or a huge failure, it's so crazy that it's still going to look good later on.
Aim For the Sun
Creatively, you have to try and destroy whatever you're creating. That goes for making an album, the comic, anything. If something sounds ridiculous, then it's probably a good idea.
Communication is Not the Same As Selling Out
Selling out is going against your beliefs to make something successful. Communication is the difference between a good artist and a bad artist. It's like not understanding a piece of art: It's not because you don't get it; it's because there's nothing there.
If You Have Less Than Three Friends in High School, You're in Good Shape
You never want to lose being an outsider. It keeps you honest. I was at an event recently and somebody actually thought I was a waiter. It was awesome.

BIG CHEESE Scans (2/09)

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bc1 bc2
bc3 bc4


Interview w/ Frank, signing

10. února 2009 v 14:03 | marorr |  LeATHERMOUTH News
Nové interview s Frankem o LeATHERMOUTH a albu XO si můžete přečíst na artistdirect.com
15. února bude mít Frank autogramiádu v LoserKids store v San Marcos, CA.

G+L at Comic Con 2008

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Gee and Lindsey

Bodyssnatchers 4Ever! official video

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Kdo by točekal...je tu videoklip k BodySnatchers 4ever!!!


Kerrang! (2/09) G + F

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kerrang1 kerrang2 kerrang3 kerrang4

BBC interview w/ Gerard

3. února 2009 v 20:50 | marorr |  Interviews
My Chemical Romance will return to the studio this week to begin work on their as yet untitled fourth album.
In 2006, following the success of Green Day's majestically produced concept record American Idiot, MCR's similarly ambitious project The Black Parade became one of the year's most highly rated.
After a gruelling schedule, 2008 saw the band take a break. In the most part Gerard Way used the opportunity to complete the second series of his comic [The Umbrella Academy] while guitarist Frank Lero recorded with side-project Leathermouth.
"I ended up for some crazy reason getting off the road and within that first week of being off I didn't sit around on the couch I started writing more music," says MCR's lynchpin Gerard Way enthusiastically.
"I was pretty inspired so I do have a collection of stuff that I've written since being off the road," he says.
"This is our second time getting together and we're going to start banging material together and see what happens."
My Chemical Romance
My Chemical Romance performing live in London
New direction
The Black Parade saw the New Jersey fivesome decked out in military garb and experiment with a widescreen punk sound.
"We haven't chosen a path yet," concedes Way of the new material already penned. "It's all over the map in terms of what's there."
"It's going to be less layered than Black Parade - I do expect it to be a little more raw.
"It's really nice to get a fresh perspective, we really needed to have that time off to live life and do some things and simply not have to tour or worry about making music."
Unlike its predecessor the band's next record - expected in late 2009 - will be put together in deliberately urgent fashion.
Gerard Way: "I'm hoping for something to happen in a very fast way, that feels very natural and that doesn't have a lot of noodling all over it.
"That's the goal, to get in there and have this rapid and visceral recording experience.
"To tour on it almost right away on it would be fun and not kind of drag it out like last time."
Looking back
This time there won't be any procrastinating.
The Black Parade - largely down to its own success - eventually took in three years of globe-straddling pyrotechnic-fuelled live shows, a period Way looks upon wearily.
"I'm finally getting to the point now where I can really look at that whole two years of my life," he says.
"I look back on it and there are a lot of things I'm really proud of and there are things I would have done differently.
"A lot of things I would have changed were maybe some aesthetic ones but you can't change that stuff.
If we keep making a copy of the same record it's going to be no good for anybody. We have to change
Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance
"I'm finally getting to the point now where I can listen to the record again and enjoy it - it took a while to be able to do that."
Indeed, with that experience onboard its follow up will be a markedly different, more grown-up affair.
"I'm not the same person to when I made the first record, second or Black Parade," he emphasises.
"Black Parade was three years ago. You change a lot in three years.
"If I try to write more music like that I'd be doing people a disservice. There may be some people that's just what they want but I don't think our fans do.
"We have to make a record that reflects how we've matured."
As far as the group is concerned change isn't an option then, but a necessity.
"If we keep making a copy of the same record it's going to be no good for anybody. We have to change.
"You hope that they [the fans] come along with you but they may not and you have to take the chance."