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Bob aka a Judge!

30. listopadu 2008 v 14:16 | marorr |  MCR - News
2. prosince bude Bob jako 'soudce' v drumm-off v guitar centre v Chicagu.

na napsal:
im going to be a judge for the guitar center CHICAGO drum off on tuesday dec. 2. i kind of feel weird judging drummers that shred me, but oh well. it will be fun. im excited to hang with charlie from anthrax too. it is open to the public. even if you dont like drums you can still come. there will be a ton of people watching a drummer in the middle of the room. its a perfect time to steal some new stuff. just kidding. maybe

TUA Movie Interview, TUA Party

27. listopadu 2008 v 17:17 | marorr
Článek, kde Gerard mluví o TUA Movie je zde. Rekapitulaci z The Umbrella Academy Party si můžete přečíst na Lj.

GERARD'S BABY!!!!!! + new!!!!

25. listopadu 2008 v 14:58 | marorr |  MCR - News

oh my fuckin God!

Gerard Arthur Way a Lindsay budou rodiče!!! article, stejně tak se píše i na myspace v bulletinu od MSI!! Naprosto úžasná zpráva! čert ven že bude míň koncertů a podobný věci ( i když...)!! Ne, fakt je to skvělý! Moc jim to přeju! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! btw. ke konci jara 2009:) {I'm absolutely psyched about it!}

A další zpráva, která vám určitě 100% zlepší náladu (ale tu první nepředčí) je ta, že nové MCR stránky už jsou v provozu! Mimo jiného tam bude i diskografie apod.. Také tam najdete "jakoby chatovací okénko" Twitter, kde si můžete přečíst bláboly od kluků xD Fakt se zatím činí:)
Takže zamiřte na!

Dnešní den stojí za to!

Interview with Gabriel Bá (Nov 08)

24. listopadu 2008 v 15:46 | marorr
Believe it.

The second series is going to knock your socks off. And if you aren't wearing socks at the time, then it will go into your dresser drawer, take your socks, and then fling them about the room just to prove to you its power.

You've been warned.

Dark Horse got the opportunity to speak with extremely busy Gabriel Bá about the new series and his upcoming projects, all of which are sure to be fantastic.

Dark Horse: Of all the different mediums to chose from as an artist, why work in comic books?

Gabriel Bá: Because what I really want is to tell stories. It's not all about drawing, about the art -- it's about telling a story with that sequence of panels, those pages, those words. Writing and reading are incredible experiences and comics puts all this together.
DH: What attracted you to the Umbrella Academy series?

Mikey's DC Comic download!

22. listopadu 2008 v 21:26 | marorr |  Mikey - Others
Mikeyho halloweenský 8 stránkvý komiks si můžete stáhnout zde!
credit: mjls

TUA Party!

21. listopadu 2008 v 20:00 | marorr |  MCR - News
Dnes v noci (amer. času:)) se v L.A. koná The Umbrella Academy party! A samozřejmě se neobejde bez Gerardovy účasti:) více na


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TEXT IN TO WIN MCR MERCH AND HELP DONATE TO CHARITY! Want to win new merch from MCR's store AND help to donate to charity as well? All you have to do is text MCR to 50505 from now until December 1st! On that date, we will randomly pick 10 people to get a gift certificate in the MCR store worth $30. Once 10,000 texts have been sent in, MCR will donate $1,000 to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Send in your texts and help a great cause!

FILTER 11/08

19. listopadu 2008 v 16:20 | marorr |  Scany
V aktuálním FILTERu je sestavený žebříček "50 největších divočáků v dějinách hudby" a hádejte, kdo se v něm také objevil? ;)
Sice až na tom 50. místě, ale i to je veliký úspěch!

FILER11-08-1.jpg picture by marorr

New TUA merch!

18. listopadu 2008 v 21:11 | marorr
15. dubna 2009 vyjde The Umbrella Academy Volume 1 (tzn. 1.-6. číslo první série Apocalypse Suite) a k tomu ještě figurka White Violin. Cena je $19,99. PRE-ORDER

Zároveň už lze také předobjednat set 5ti figurek TUA za $31.99, který vyjde také 15. dubna 09. PRE-ORDER

TUA Figures

16. listopadu 2008 v 17:11 | marorr
Okolo dubna 2009 budou k dostání The Umbrella Academy figurky za $40, předobjednat se ale ještě nedají.

A Message From MCR-Three Cheers vinyl+store (14/11/08)

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Hey My Chemical Romance Fans! We are excited to announce that you can now pre-order a special limited vinyl edition of "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" from the My Chemical Romance Store HERE! This is the first time ever that "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" is being released on vinyl. This edition will be released on December 16th, but this is your chance to reserve your copy in advance! This collectible edition includes:
*"Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" on a custom red vinyl record
*Different jacket artwork from the original release
*Hand-written lyric sheet
*MCR gun logo stencil
We also found some rare MCR items in our archives that have not been available anywhere for a long time! To thank you for being a loyal fan, we are now offering these items as a gift with every purchase in the My Chemical Romance online store until supplies last! The items you may receive with your order are The Black Parade promotional balloon or a My Chemical Romance "animal" button pack. One gift per order.
My Chemical Romance Store

Dallas #4 cover page

14. listopadu 2008 v 15:47 | marorr

Dallas #4 February 11, 2009

Number Five and The Rumor have accepted a terrible mission, and after enduring torture and a brush with nuclear Armageddon, the rest of the surviving Umbrella Academy have to put aside their infighting to try to find their brother and sister, racing through history to do so.

NME (11/08)

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Video -

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TUA - SFX Magazine (nov/08

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Frank Iero Says My Chemical Romance Fans Will Be 'Bummed Out' By Leathermouth

11. listopadu 2008 v 14:48 | marorr |  Interviews
Nový článek o Leathermouth najdete na

The Umbrella Aacdemy: Dallas 1 Loby Cards!

10. listopadu 2008 v 18:00 | marorr
My Fellow Americans...

We stand here together, on the cusp of a new age. (wait for applause) I see a world, where men and women can stand up for a better standard of comic book. It is my goal to get a copy of The Umbrella Academy: DALLAS 1 into the hands of everyone from Main Street Mark to Wall Street Wally. (wait for applause) Because I see a world where even our babies, our most important resource for the future, can read The Umbrella Academy. Well, not so much read it as just mash the pages with their tiny baby hands, possibly chew on some of it's (non-toxic) glossy pages. (wait for applause)

We can get there people...and to help us get there I promise you no less than 4 Lobby Cards before the release of the first issue. (wait for applause)

Feel free to pass them around, and spread the word. Because there is change coming my friends...violent, impolite, time-warping, bullet riddled change...

(wait for applause, kiss wife, and wave)

10/10/08 -


9. listopadu 2008 v 18:57 | marorr |  LeATHERMOUTH News
My Chemical Romance may be on a temporary hiatus following a lengthy world tour for 2006's The Black Parade but guitarist Frank Iero is using his downtime productively to launch his new band Leathermouth.
The New Jersey-based hardcore outfit, featuring Iero on vocals, will release their debut album through Epitaph early 2009. A UK tour may possibly follow in March.
"To tell you the thruth I kinda hated being up front at first", Iero tells Kerrang!.
"I definetly dont consider myself a frontman. I feel exposed, and it took a little getting used to, but then I came to the realisation that I truly dont give a fuck! Leathermouth is how I can vent about all the bullshit that I see going on in the world that makes me ill-
From "the internet, republicans, democrats and traffic, to people who talk during movies", Iero is using this band as a platform to vent his frustrations.
"This is the first time I've gotten to write all the lyrics in a band", he says, "and I'm having a really good time with that".
As to whether Iero's new project puts the future of MCR in doubt, he reassures us there is nothing to worry about.
"MCR is my first priority, that will never change", he states. "I just wanted to do something different. If I'm not playing I feel dead inside. Basically Leathermouth is what I have to do in order to stay out of prison."