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Very OLD MCR Messages Pt. 4

30. září 2008 v 15:37 | marorr
Pt. 4...probably the last one. I hope you liked it:)
If you ever say never too late.....
Hey Everybody,Sorry you have not heard from us for a little bit. Between the shows, mixing the record, approving this, approving that, we have not been too on top of the site. We have plenty going on and we hope that you can all be as excited as we are. Firstly, and most importantly (to us, we have the final track sequence for the record done. it is as follows:

Harwey Awards

29. září 2008 v 15:58 | marorr |  MCR - News
The Umbrella Academy vyhrála cenu Harwey jako The Best Series!! Congrat!
umbrella academyy

Vanya at Dragoncon 08

28. září 2008 v 21:36 | marorr
Dragonconu se nedávno stejně jako Gerard 'zúčastnila' i White Violin - Vanya (jedna z postav The Umbrella Academy) :)

MCR Store, Eisner Awards 08

28. září 2008 v 14:33 | marorr |  MCR - News
V MCR webstore přibyli další věci:
Ke shlédnutí tu jsou další 3 fotky z předávání Eisner Awards 2008:


25. září 2008 v 16:14 | marorr

TUA Art For Sale! +LaATHERMOUTH +MCR myspace

25. září 2008 v 10:05 | marorr |  MCR - News
Zde je k prodeji 15 jednotlivých a originálních stránek The Umbrella Academy, samozřejmě od koho jiného než od Gabriela Bá:)
Fotky a review z koncertu Leathermouth (7. 9. Highline Ballroom) tady.
PS: My Chem aktualizovali svůj playlist na myspace:) See the whole playlist
V Brovo Girl je plakát MCR!!

Interview w/ Gerard (newsarama.com) 22/9/08

23. září 2008 v 15:15 | marorr
For many of its readers, The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite's Eisner win for Best Limited Series this July at the awards ceremony at San Diego Comic Con was not much of a surprise. The story of seven children: Kraken, Séance, The Rumor, Vanya, Spaceboy, Number Five and The Horror (okay, six, as The Horror died at some point previous to this story), The Umbrella Academy is Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's post-modern opus - the love child of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol and the earliest, craziest X-Men, raised by years of superheroes.
Published by Dark Horse, Apocalypse Suite introduced the characters to readers, and laid the foundation of their stories to come - and those stories which had already happened. In November, Way and Ba continue the tales of The Umbrella Academy with Dallas. Newsarama previously debuted the first three pages of Dallas #1, and now, we sit down with Way for an in-depth conversation about the series to date, and what's to come.
Newsarama: First off Gerard, was this always the plan, that is, to go pretty much right into the second series, or was there a lag time to wait and see what the reception was going to be for the first series, and gauge things appropriately after that?
Gerard Way: We'd always planned to go right into a second series. The actual decision to do it was made probably around issue #3, and that wasn't really based on whether the series caught on or not. Scott [Allie, editor] and Dark Horse were going to let the book exist, whether it found a readership or not, initially, and kind of let it survive, which is one of the main reasons I went to Dark Horse. I knew that they would be very sensitive about my day job so to speak, and not exploit it, and I knew that they would let the book live on its own, despite that.

Very OLD MCR Messages Pt. 3

22. září 2008 v 15:07 | marorr
Pt. 4 coming soon...
The wheel in the sky.....
Hey all,As you may know already, the dates for the VANS WARPED TOUR were announced this week. The dates we are on are up on the shows page. Please come out, we are so excited about that tour. Go on over to Warped's site for more details and information on how to pre purchase tickets. There are a ton of great bands on it this year and it is well worth the schillings it will cost you.

Band Logos

20. září 2008 v 11:03 | marorr
je to tady! 31.10. 2008 - na Halloween vyjde LeATHERMOUTH vynyl s CD/EP!!!! důkaz (úplně dole)
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A Messages From MCR (19/9/08)

19. září 2008 v 21:26 | marorr |  Messages
Další zprávou MCR vyzývají fanoušky k pomoci lidem postiženým různými hurikány. Music For Relief je organizace, která pracuje na tom, aby přiměla hudební veřejnost nahromadit dostatek lékařského materiálu pro zdravotní centra a útulky pro evakuované lidi.
Music for Relief is responding to aid the survivors of Hurricane Ike and other storms of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane season. You can support the cause atwww.musicforrelief.org/donate.
In the U.S. Gulf Coast: Ike made landfall in Galveston, Texas on Friday evening as a category two storm flooding over 100,000 homes in southeasternTexas and devastating coastal communities in Texas and Louisiana. As of today more than 30,000 evacuees are still living in nearly 300 public shelters, and roughly 2 million people in Texas alone are without power.
In Haiti: Four storms - Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike - have hit Haiti since mid-August, killing over 600 people and affecting hundreds of thousands more. Severe flooding and washed out bridges and roads have made it hard to deliver relief to many of the worst affected areas, including the port city ofGonaives. Tens of thousands of people are huddled in shelters with no food, water, sleeping mats or latrines. Up to 3 million people are at risk of starvation after the back to back storms wiped out food crops.
Music for Relief is working to bring the music community together to fund additional emergency medical materials for health centers and evacuation shelters treating and housing those affected by the storms. Please help us make a difference, donate to MFR today and tell friends and family what MFR is doing in response to Hurricane Ike.
Donations can be made at www.musicforrelief.org/donate

Mikey's Myspace Blog OLD Updates!

19. září 2008 v 12:33 | marorr |  Mikey - Others
Mikey had deleted his myspace in 2006....
Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Skeleton Crew
Wanted to give you guys the heads up on something amazing frankie and some of our close friends have been up to. He has a company called Skelton Crew, as some of you might know. The whole operation has just gotten up and running, so i would urge everyone to check it out. So far there is the first full length record on skeleton crew from the band Hot Like A Robot, and an upcoming EP from David Costa. Theres also tons of awesome clothing ( t shirts, ties, hats etc), and a lot of different things to come (books, comic books, scuba gear etc.).
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A message From LeATHERMOUTH (18/9/08)

18. září 2008 v 21:25 | marorr |  LeATHERMOUTH Messages
End Of Tour Update
Well here we are once again. The end of tour update. We'll what can I really say? Except that we had the time of our lives. We had so much fun playing and meeting all the great people we had the pleasure of meeting. There was so much S//C support on this tour that it just blew our minds. We can't thank you all enough. As of right now, we are all just taking some time off to recuperate and heal :) There are no immediate plans for a future tour but you never know ;) Keep your fingers crossed. We will post periodical updates as to whats going on with the new record and future shows. Again, we can't thank you all enough for making this tour so memorable. See you all soon!. x's and o's E-

Foto - Gerard 58

18. září 2008 v 16:37 | marorr |  Gerard´s Photos
Gerard by Sky flame.

Very OLD MCR Messages Pt. 2

17. září 2008 v 15:10 | marorr
Pt. 3 coming soon!
Happy Birthday Eddie! Please join us in wishing Eddie, tour manager extraordinare, a very happy birthday. I think he turns 18 today, but no one really knows for sure...Its as great a mystery as how life truly began on Earth. Raise a glass and toast along with us! You can catch us tonight on WSOU 89.5 if you live in Jersey and I think some parts of Pennsylvania. We'll be from 10PM to 12AM, so listen up if you can! Also a quick thanks to everyone who came to Knitting Factory and made it one of the most fun shows we've played ever. You guys and gals were amazing! You never cease to surprise us with the positive energy and unending love you give us, and we hope you all feel it back from us. Hope all of you have a great weekend, go unleash some fucking bats!!!! P.S. How amazing was Hambone??!?!?! He saved the show! -MCR
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