LeATHERMOUTH at Tempe, Arizona@Clubhouse (25/8/08)

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Alright, so it started off with an hour long road trip after school and meeting friends i met at a concert and haven't seen in 5 months in the line for the show, 2 of them had been there since about 11 am and the other 10 minutes before me and my friend got there,, which was about 4. The line was completely empty besides for us for about 45 minutes then two other ladies came in behind us.. and within another hour the line had been stretching all the way to another building. Needless to say,
good thing we decided to go wait right ^.^

So, the lovely Frank Iero walks out of the building,, and the first time it was just a few people in line,, no one did anything. Then went back inside and when the line was a lot longer came out again and sat on a bench in front of the venue,, and the line mind you, and decided to smoke a cigarette, needless to say people started to go up to him,, but thank god he wasn't mauled by rabid fan girls :P I didn't go up right away i was going to just wait until he was being left alone as i had already met him before and didn't want to bother him. Then James Dewees walks out of the other door,, so i go meet him since it was a first for me. He was extremely nice, smiled big for the camera [[refer to pics]] and was just a pleasure to meet. By that time i had a kind of concert buzz going on so i had to go see frankie, so i did, i walked over to him and he saw me and i said "Hi" calmly, since i had met him i was kind of nonchalant but ECSTATIC nonetheless. He then said "hey man hows it going. you look really familiar…" and i was like "Well we met in tucson about 5 months ago, so you probably remember from then". I was pretty stoked he remembered me, made my night even better then it already was and i didn't know that was possible,, so then he took a pic with me, signed stuff for me and a friend who couldn't go to the show, then we hugged and i went back to the line.
Warship was VERY good, im going to go check them out on myspace right after this. In between one of their songs i told the guitarist "I WANT YOUR GUITAR!!!" and he said, "really? alright then" and walks over and hands me the guitar, so im holding this guys guitar like,,, uhh,,,,not what? hahah,, anyways i gave his guitar
back [[even though i didnt want too]] and enjoyed the rest of their set.
Then the bad asses of the show..
Here comes leathermouth, one of the guitarist had a really bad thing happening in their family and had to leave tour so we got one guitarist, but amazing still!!! while setting up, one very drunk, and obnoxious, fangirl kept screaming his name and he tried ignoring it for a very long time but it got close to being done setting up and he turned around and looked at her and like, put his hands in the air and waved them down to do the "settle down" adn motion thing and told her to shhhh haha. so if you're planning on going to the show, dont be annoying! frankie doesnt like it, and neither does anyone else. They are about to play, and frank says, "i want to try something new tonight," and he points at some random kid in the audience and was like "you,, come here, let him up" and pulls him to the front and said "whats your name?" and the kid told him john and frank said "alright john heres the deal, this is you and me, no one else is here they dont matter only you" and whenever anyone would try to say something to him hed say "well that doesn't matter because you are not here anyways… just me and john." VERY funny!!!!! During murder was the case they gave me [[since me and m friends were some of the few singing along and were in the very front and center, he leaned into me and my friend and pulled me close to him and pushed my face into his and we
sang together!!! most amazing 5 seconds of my life!!!!! i loved it!! They were an amazing live band and i cant wait to see them again.
Now to MC Chris, blahh, all i have to say about that, he was alright live but not my kind of music so i wasnt interested in his set in the least.
soo good live!! seriously james should be a stand up comedian.. funniest guy ive
ever seen, and yes he did the hannah montanna bit, im sure u guys know about that. :P
All over,, it was an AMAZING, BREATHTAKING, STUNNING, MIND BLOWING experience and i wouldnt trade it for the world!!!!!!! Also if your worried about being able to meet frank or james or an of the other guys. dont be. trust me, youll get to meet them they LIKE meeting their fans!!
any questions about the show or anything else,, you can contact me with this email. thank you for reading this HUGE mess of happiness and typos!!!!
[[~xoxo vg]]
HUGE credit to Vinny and MyChemicalFreak!

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