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10. srpna 2008 v 17:00 | marorr
Liza Minelli:
SS: And you've DONE everything, you've done all different kinds of styles [of music] which is one of the things I love the most.

LM: Well, this latest thing with My Chemical Romance.

SS: I was just thinking that

LM: Yep, Perfect.

SS: What was that like? Working with them?

LM: I loved it. He was VERY professional, and fun to work with. And very knowledgeable.

SS: And again it's this whole new audience that's discovering you, just like [when you did] "Arrested Development."

LM: Yes.

Tom DeLonge:
Former Blink 182 guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge has spoken out about the recent controversy surrounding My Chemical Romance and their suggested links with 'emo' suicides.

DeLonge told Buzznet that he had experienced similar controversy while in his former band. He defended My Chemical Romance, saying there was nothing abnormal about the content of their lyrics.

"The same sort of thing [being blamed for fans' behaviour] happened to me with Blink," he said, "so I can understand what it's like to be a part of something like that.

"We had a victim of the Columbine shootings take his life with our song on repeat. You kinda go through these situations where you blame yourself, but you can't.

"You have no idea who these people are. And My Chemical Romance, they spend a lot of time singing about coming together. There's ingredients of rebellion and angst, but what band doesn't have that when you're young?"
Rihanna said that her favorites groups are Mandy Moore, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé Knowles and My Chemical Romance, and that lately she likes to listen to rock groups.
Alice Cooper:
Q: "How do you manage to attract new fans after more than 30 years?"
A: "You know, I think it's just because of the strength of the songs that Alice Cooper has. I see kids nowadays that are more into classic rock than their own generation, and I think it's because band's nowadays don't write those classics. There isn't a new 'Smoke On The Water,' or even a new 'School's Out.' The only band's that have come close in my opinion are band's like The White Stripe's and My Chemical Romance."
Stephen King se o My Chem letmo zmínil v jedné ze svých knih a to v Lisey a její příběh.
Rise Against:
z časopisu Roling Stones (10/08).
…after spending last year opening for My Chemical romance. "I love that band- They have a great sound" says McIlrath. "Some of these songs trickled down from those shows that are still in our ears."

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