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Leathermouth, The Cure Remix,

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Leathermouth spustili svojí novou stránku
Myspace blog Julien K přináší zprávu, že spolu s Gerardem zremixují nový singl skupiny The Cure "Sleep When I'm Dead". Brzy má být k poslechu...

TUA Action Figures

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Video - MCR live st Hard Rock

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Interview w/ Gerard (

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IGN Comics: I know that you studied art in college in hopes of becoming a comic book artist. Can you talk a little about what those early years were like?
Gerard Way: Sure. I went to SVA [The School of Visual Arts in NYC]. I really loved comics and I made the decision around 16 to go to art school. I decided that pretty early in high school. Which is kind of cool, because at that point, if you've made the right decisions you can do things accordingly. So I took almost totally art classes, and by senior year I was taking a mixed media/graphic design course - basically a class that lasted all day and let me get out early to go do work study. I knew pretty early on that I enjoyed doing it, and I wanted to be a comic artist at that point.