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Gerard talks on 'Desolation Row' Cover For Watchman Movie

31. července 2008 v 14:02 | marorr |  MCR - News
SAN DIEGO - Everybody knows that Zack Snyder thrilled moviegoers with the first "Watchmen" trailer and dropped into Comic-Con to hold what many considered to be the most successful buzz-building panel of the week. Our regular readers also know that we broke the news last week that My Chemical Romance will contribute the only new song to the film's soundtrack, a cover of Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row."

Gerard and Grant Morrison Interview

31. července 2008 v 13:52 | marorr
Though "The Umbrella Academy" writer Gerard Way has played sold-out shows across the countries as the lead singer of the super-popular band My Chemical Romance, there was a bit of stage fright for the rocker-turned-comics-scribe last weekend at Comic-Con International.
"He's really nervous," writer Grant Morrison told the crowd.
"I am," Way admitted.

Bob Bryar - Modern Drummer Mag.

30. července 2008 v 12:32 | marorr |  Bob - Others

by Waleed Rashidi

As the drummer for one of the hottest acts working today, you might think that Bob Bryar is a "flash in the pan" success story. But he's had to go through a lot to get to where he is today.

Video - Comic Con 2008

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Interview w/ Gerard (Comic Corner 7/08)

29. července 2008 v 11:50 | marorr
By Jeff Johncox
Comics Corner - How did you get involved with Dark Horse and in making the "Umbrella Academy?"
Way: Well, I had really missed comics since starting the band and I guess I really wanted, in the beginning, we just really never stopped (playing). Once it took off and it was really exciting, I realized I hadn't written or drawn anything comicwise, or bookwise, or anything. I hadn't had a chance to be creative in that regard and I really missed it.

Gerard and Grant Morrison Together...

28. července 2008 v 11:38 | marorr
They've both worked for DC Comics. They ate haggis together in Scotland. And on Saturday at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Grant Morrison and Gerard Way came together for a panel where they discussed "lo-fi weirdness" and took questions from the audience.

Foto - Comic Con 2008 - Signing

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Placka s Lyn-Z:

A Message From LeATHERMOUTH(26/7/08)

27. července 2008 v 15:19 | marorr |  LeATHERMOUTH Messages
Leahermouth budou na turné se skupinou Reggie And the Full Efect od 20. srpna do 14. září. S výjimkou zrušení koncertu v Lancasteru 13. září. Album by mělo s konečnou platností vyjít na podzim, přesné datum zatím stanoveno není. Celá jeho délka (10 písniček) zatím nebude vydána u S//C!
Přesné znění:

Greetings and salutations. So I have a few friends that go on the
internet a lot and told me there's some rumors flying about Leathermouth
and that I should go on and set the record straight with a little update.
The following is the truth as of July 25th 2008. Ok, so here it goes......

Leathermouth will be on tour this summer with Reggie and the full effect and
warship from Aug 20 to Sept 14. The only date on the tour Leathermouth will
not be playing is Sept 13th in Lancaster PA. Sorry to our Lancaster friends
but because of a scheduling conflict its just not possible, hopefully we can
play a show there in the future. The touring lineup of Leathermouth will be
as follows; Rob-guitar, Ed-guitar, John-bass, James-drums, Frank-vocals.
Also alternative press is doing a write up on Leathermouth in the upcoming
Sept issue that will hit news stands Aug 5th I believe.....They asked
questions, I answered, maybe the same questions you might have. The full interview will be posted soon. And last but not least the Leathermouth record.......(drumroll please)....

Will absolutely see the light of day this fall. I don't have a release date just yet,
however I can say that we've met with labels and are in the process of
signing with the one we are very very happy with, I won't say who just yet
because I don't want to count our chicken eggs before they crack open and
give birth to reptiles. If you've read the AP article you know that
Leathermouth's full length will not be released on Skeleton Crew
.......however a future S//C release is not out of the question. As far as
the full length is concerned, there will be 10 tracks on the full
length. The songs are as follows and in no particular order:

1. 5th period massacre
2. Sunsets are for muggings
3. Leviathan
4. Catch me if you can
5. I am going to kill the president of the united states of america
6. Murder was the case that they gave me
7. Body snatchers 4 ever
8. My love note has gone flat
9. This song is about being attacked by monsters
10. Your friends are full of shit.

And lastly I have seen lyrics posted on the message board by a lot of
different people. I applaud your effort. However the only correct ones have
been posted by a friend of ours under the handle of killbot. So that being
said....check that post and learn em so you can sing along with us on tour.

Hope this clears the internet air.

Best wishes.
F'n'stein xo

About TUA Series 2 (25/7/08)

27. července 2008 v 14:45 | marorr
By Douglas Wolk for Publishers Weekly
When Dark Horse announced, a couple of years ago, that alt-rock stalwarts My Chemical Romance's frontman Gerard Way would be writing a superhero comic, there were a few cocked eyebrows: another pop star jumping on the comics bandwagon? But Way had a long history with comics-he'd even been an intern at DC Comics for a while-and The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite, drawn by Gabriel Bá, was eccentric, ambitious and a solid success. At this year's Comic-Con, Dark Horse announced that Way and Bá would be re-teaming for a second Umbrella Academy miniseries, The Scarecrow Blues, beginning in November. And Way's got plans for the project far beyond that, he told us.
PW Comics Week: What's the concept behind the second Umbrella Academy series?

Gerard Way: It takes place more than a few months after series 1. You're seeing the characters living in the aftermath of what happened. You immediately start seeing the relationship between the characters, and it ends with a very big climax and some violence. I'm really excited about it. Gabriel Bá is drawing not only the interiors but the covers now. In a perfect world, we could have only Gabriel be the artist-I would like him to be the artist from the beginning to the end.

TUA Series 2 in November...

27. července 2008 v 14:18 | marorr
Gerard Way's The Umbrella Academy Series 2 (no official name yet) will return in November. Scott Allie, Dark Horse editor says, "Series 2, which we're only calling series 2 right now but we'll probably tell you the real title in San Diego [Comic Con], will debut in November."
On top of the continuing adventures of the Umbrella Academy themselves, Way plans to delve into the lives of some of the other 43 super children. Additionally, one aspect of the story that was barely explored at all in series 1 was the heroes' birth mothers. "I have a lot of plans for the mothers of these children later on in the series," Way said. "Maybe more like series 5 or 6. That's the best part about the series, I never really know when something is going to pop in and want to show its face."
"It's going to directly deal with something that came up in the first series. Almost immediately without a break, it's going to deal with something that has to be dealt with right now. You're going to learn some truth about some things that were said in series 1, and you're going to see the actual story of what happened."

Foto - Oficiální fotky Gerarda -Comic Con 2008

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Photo By James Dimmock
For EW.com
All Rights Reserved

Foto - Gerard's panel at Comic Con 08

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Gerard Way Comic Con 07.26.08
credit: limmenel + review:
s přítomností Mikeyho, Alicii a Lyn-Z!!

TUA online comic, Eisners Awards

26. července 2008 v 19:26 | marorr
Na Dark Horse myspace je 7stránkový online komiks od Gerarda 'The Umbrella Academy: Anywhere But Here'.
'The Umbrella Academy' byla oceněna cenou Eisners Award v kategorii Best Limited Series, Best Cover Artist a Best Coloring. Více na comic-con.org. CONGRATULATION!
předávání ceny:

192 by shine_blitz_on.

191 by shine_blitz_on.
Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba by dryponder.

2* Videos - Comic Con 2008

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cca od 2:30
New haircut?
Comic con 2008
Comic con 2008
Comic con 2008
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Interview w/ Gerard About TUA Series 2 (7/08)

25. července 2008 v 21:46 | marorr
Before Gerard Way became lead singer for My Chemical Romance, the musician was an aspiring comics artist. Last year, he finally got the opportunity to realize that dream by writing "Umbrella Academy," published by Dark Horse and featuring artwork by Gabriel Ba and covers by "Fables'" James Jean. "The Umbrella Academy" series 1 told the story of a dysfunctional family of superheroes, brought together by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, aka The Monocle, a space alien posing as a wealthy entrepreneur. In an event that has yet to be explained, 43 extraordinary children were born to 43 unsuspecting mothers. Those who did not die in childbirth were abandoned or given up for adoption. The Monocle adopted seven of these superpowered children with the express purpose of training them to save the world, and called the team the Umbrella Academy. CBR News caught up with Way to talk about what's in store for the characters in "Umbrella Academy" series 2, the possibility of a big-screen adaptation of the franchise, and Way's upcoming panel discussion with Grant Morrison at this year's Comic-Con International.