Červen 2008

Interview w/ Gerard - Warped Tour '05

16. června 2008 v 15:40 | marorr |  Interviews
Warped Tour: So you guys are making your way around the country with the Vans Warped Tour -- how are things going so far?

Gerard: We expected quite a bit, we were very excited about this year's Warped Tour and it's definitely exceeded the expectations. We're really lucky as a band to have what we have, and to have built it from the ground up and not had to take any shortcuts or anything, and really to have all these people everyday who want to watch us and want to come out to the tour and see what's happening, it's just amazing. Like, I know that sounds like a typical answer, but it's phenomenal, it's one of the best tours we've every been on.

Foto - Gerard 55

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Tom DeLonge speaks

13. června 2008 v 12:48 | marorr |  MCR - News
Ex-člen skupiny Blink 182, Tom DeLonge se vyjádřil ke stále obíhající záležitosti s obviňováním MCR a 'emo sebevraždám':
"Taková podobná věc [být obviňován z chování svých fanoušků] se stala i mě, když jsem byl v Blink a tak chápu, jaké to je být součástí něčeho takového." více na nme.com

Video - New Trailer k The Black Parade Is Dead!

12. června 2008 v 15:32 | marorr |  MCR - Videa
Je tu další poslední trailer k nadcházejícímu fenomenálnímu DVD!! Check it!!

VII. Message From Frank (5/6/08)

11. června 2008 v 19:46 | marorr |  Skeleton Crew
Hello friends, just a little update for all of you. First off. Thank you so much to all the people who helped out with the 2008 NYC AIDS Walk on May 18th. You guys never cease to amaze us. Your huge hearts, positivity, and hard work helped a lot of people. We thank you all from the bottom of our greasy stomachs. You truly are the change we want to see in this world.

As far as whats new with your crew, read on.....

Kerrang! (3/06)

11. června 2008 v 14:00 | marorr |  Scany
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About The Love Cats & 1. Concert

10. června 2008 v 13:02 | marorr |  The Love Cats
The Love Cats je Frankův B-Side projekt - skupina, jejímiž členy jsou:
-Frank Iero (MCR)
-Pete Steinkop (Bouncing Souls)
-Michael McDermot (Bouncing Souls)
-DJ Values (Let it Burn)
-Andrew Everding (Thursday)
-Matt Scara (Pitch Black Blonde)
The Love Cats
The Love Cats vznikly za účelem vzdát hold anglické skupine The Cure.
Koncerty - 7. června 2008, 27 června 2008
První vystoupení (7. června 2008 - Asbury Lanes, New Jersey):

Frank Playing With The Love Cats 070608

Foto - Frankie 31

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lucky girl

Video - Welcome to the Black Parade (from The Black Parade is Dead!)

7. června 2008 v 0:14 | marorr |  MCR - Videa
!!!My Chem nám umožnili shlédnout další velkolepý kousek z DVD a tentokrát je to Welcome to the Black Parade, které najdete na buzznet.com/cp/theblackparadeisdead, a navíc je tam soutěž o DVD!!! Enjoy!

Kerrang! (2006) 12 pages!

5. června 2008 v 15:22 | marorr |  Scany

Kerrang! (4/06)

4. června 2008 v 13:04 | marorr |  Scany

Interview w/ Frankenstain (feb/07)

3. června 2008 v 16:55 | marorr |  Interviews
Take the filming of the video for "Famous Last Words": Pyrotechnics burned drummer Bob Bryar's leg, and the burn turned into gangrene and, subsequently, a staph infection. Meanwhile, lead singer Gerard Way tore ligaments in his ankle when the fire startled rhythm guitarist Frank Iero, who stepped on Way's ankle. That put the kibosh on 2006 tour dates.
"If it's easy, it's not My Chem," said Iero with a laugh. "For some reason, we always find the way to make it the most difficult thing in the world. If there's not a way to get hurt doing it or if it's not overly difficult, I'm sorry--we have to pass. For the next video, I think we're going to release lions and have them [devour] us. We don't like it easy."

1 Year...

3. června 2008 v 16:43 | marorr |  Concert in Prague (CZ)
1. výročí 1. koncertu My Chemical Romance v České republice!
3. 6. 2007
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