Květen 2007

Foto - mix 3

4. května 2007 v 20:43 | marorr |  Miscellaneous
Gee se všude tak sladce usmívá...:D
No jo, Frankiemu to sekne...;)

Mp3 mix 1

4. května 2007 v 9:04 | marorr
Lustra - Scotty Doesn´t Know STÁHNOUT MP3
The Connesl - 74-75 STÁHNOUT MP3
Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (Kill Bill) STÁHNOUT MP3
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend STÁHNOUT MP3
Billy Talent - Surrender STÁHNOUT MP3
Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves STÁHNOUT MP3
Kryštof - Svědomí STÁHNOUT MP3
Carole King (Gillmore Girl) STÁHNOUT MP3

Video - super části z AOL Halloween:D

4. května 2007 v 9:04 | marorr |  MCR - Videa
:D Teda Gee je fakt číslo...;))

Foto - Unknown 3

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A Message from Ray (5/07)

3. května 2007 v 9:04 | marorr |  Messages
Last week we visited the brave men and women at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. We got to spend some time and talked with a few of the patients there. These people have been through so much, losing loved ones, use of their legs and arms, being away for months at a time from their families. Yet they continue to have a great, positive outlook on life.
To me all these men and women who serve are real heroes, reminders of how lucky we are to enjoy the lives we have.
I remember when I was in 6th grade, writing to a soldier who was stationed in the Gulf as part of a school project. I was so excited when I got a letter back, reading how he appreciated the letter, and how good it felt to know people cared back at home.
I know you guys are great at writing letters and showing us your appreciation every day, so we're asking you all for a favor. Take the time and visit a local Vets Hospital, write a letter, send a card or balloons or flowers or whatever it may be. Show these men and women in service who risk their lives every day your appreciation, and that you care.

Video - Screaming Gerard;)

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Video - Funny Gee:D

1. května 2007 v 13:00 | marorr |  MCR - Videa
Fakt srandovní...;) xoxo, Gee!