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Painting MCR

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Foto - Dokonalý Gerardův profil

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No není prostě dokonalej???:-*:D

Foto - Gerard blond 2

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Krááásný fotky:-*

Foto - Frankie 2

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tak tohle je fakt super fotka...;) :

Foto - Gee + Bob

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Interview w/ Gerard and Frankie

23. března 2007 v 22:02 | marorr |  Interviews
'Honey this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us'
R.P - Who takes the longest to get ready for shows?

Frank - Mikey Way!
Gerard - Oh I guess it's me right? I take the longest?
F- It's your question but she asked me who took the longest to get ready and I had a quick answer, but for shows it's probably you.
G - It's probably me, it takes me two hours just to get ready.
F - But who takes the longest to get ready for anything?
G - Ah ready for anything…
F - Mikey Way…the hair!
G - Yeah but Mikey Way does this thing where…oh yeah Mikey Way's hair takes a while but...but the thing is because Mikey Way now has the hat, if you wake him up and go 'hey you wanna go to the mall', that motherfucker is in the lobby. You know what I mean like right away!

'The ghost of you'
R.P - If you could be a ghost for the day who would you haunt?

F - Wow, hmm who would I haunt for the day that's a really good question, erm…god erm I have an answer but my girlfriend will be really mad but it be Christine Ricci probably.
G - Woo…I like that. Shit. So I'd have to find someone I'd really annoy with it. Oh I'd haunt...what's that guy…Bill Cosby for making Ghost Dad. I'd haunt him about that movie that sucks for him.

'I never told you what I do for a living'
R.P - If you could have any job besides this band what would it be and why?

- Oh I just found out about this actually. This is really cool, that I just found out, but there's a job that you can have where you design Halloween masks, I want that job! That would be fucking amazing. Honestly if I knew about that job when I was a kid, I might not be here right now.
G - I'd probably illustrate stuff…I like children's books that would be rad, yeah I'd probably do children's books.

'Hang 'Em High'
R.P - What famous person would you most like to hang with?

F - Oh, there's so many. Vince Vaughn cause he seems really funny.
G - Ohh famous person to hang out with…that's a good question…
F - I know I couldn't think of anything
F - Oh change mine to Will Farrell that be cool.
G - Oh yeah that'd be a good time out.

R.P - If you could have any kind of interlude between sets at a show what would you have?

F - If I had a break? Erm probably a cigarette honestly. [laughs]

'It's not a fashion statement, it's a death wish'
R.P - A lot of fans think of your image as a fashion statement, how do you feel about people copying the way you dress?

F - I think its erm…instead of a fashion statement more of raising a flag and it's an acceptance thing. That's what I used to do. I used to go to punk rock shows and get involved because I wouldn't feel accepted anywhere else, and it sucks that people go to shows now and people have this attitude of 'oh I'm more punk than you! You don't belong here you just got into it!' I think at our shows its less of that and more of everyone's there because they don't belong anywhere else. The fact that there's this fashion statement going on, it's not a fashion statement it's a death wish, and it's showing that we are all together.
G - Erm I think if they copy it they kinda need to know what's behind it or where it's coming from. It's an interesting question because at what point does it actually become a fashion statement. It's really just a reflection of how we feel and how we live our lives so it's not a fashion statement but because of the fact that we are a rock band and there's press and all that stuff it becomes a fashion statement in a way. I think it's unavoidable, I don't necessary think there's nothing wrong with that but the intension behind it is that it's a reflection of the way we live.

'Give 'Em Hell kid'
R.P - As a kid, did you like to give people hell?

F - Give people hell, definitely, I was a little bastard, so yeah definitely!
G - Give them what?
F - Hell
G - Hell…oh give them shit. Yeah…no I was…I think I was a pretty well behaved kid. I was like that jerky kid that liked to hang out with all the adults, whenever all the adults would get together. And all the other kids would think I was too good for them and that I was an asshole. I was like that kid.
F - So you were an asshole?
G - Yeah…I just didn't want to talk about the Wizard of fucking Oz, know what I mean? I wanted to talk about coffee and pocket domestics.

'The jet set life is going to kill you'
R.P - What do you think of the rock n' roll 'jetset' life - is it the stereotypical image?

F - These are very good questions. Erm the epitome of your rock n' roll lifestyle is awful, it really is. However we don't live up to that lifestyle at all, we sit backstage and eat eggs [N.B - the guys had just finished sound check so were all eating at that point] and when the shows over we go play video games or read books stuff like that. We do have people in the band who have very addictive personalities and have had demons like that. We choose now to stay away from those things because we feel there's a higher purpose and if anything gets us off the track of what we're trying to do that's basically not for us, as we have so much to say.
G - I think it's kinda bullshit. I think it's kinda why we wrote the song as a kind of protest against that lifestyle and that's why we titled the song it's gonna kill you. It definitely dragged us into the ground and wore us down, with all the flying and the glamour and all the bullshit that's attached to just making music. It sucks that's there's so much bullshit attached to just making music. Like we're definitely the weirdest guys like whenever we get invited to any celebrity-esk type party type thing, we're definitely the weirdest guys and we don't fit in at all. And we're still those guys like it's been weird and we've been in a lot of those situations. Well I mean no we've been in a lot of situations where like we've been at functions where there's tons of famous people and like we just don't feel famous and we're not interested in fame so it's just bizarre for us to be there.

'Our lady of sorrows'
R.P - Do you still think of yourselves as not being celebrities like mentioned in Our Lady of Sorrows?

F - Yes, definitely, no matter what Kerrang might say!

R.P - Well you guys are the 'hot' band of 2005.

F - Wow crazy, you know people press wise not present company included, try to build you up just so they can tear you down, it's just a number you know, you're just basically a product and that's a shame.

R.P - They just use the name to sell their own product.

F - Exactly, it has nothing to do with us.

'Vampires will never hurt you'
R.P - Do you guys get tired of the constant links to vampires due to one song?

F - Yes, but they have definitely dwindled so I'm ok with that now.
G - Ah only occasionally you know it depends, only when people ask me to suck their blood. Or like when they write about it in the press and call us a vampire rock band but there's not…
F - Or when you take pictures with naked girls…
G - With naked girls yeah biting their necks yeah things like that I guess huh…I actually sometimes don't mind the vampire rock band thing I think that's kinda cool. Like if I was a kid I would have loved for there to have been a vampire rock band, I'd have been way into it…
F - Yeah you like hearing that more than you like hearing 'Oh you've got something in your eye'
G - [laughs] Yeah!

'Skylines & Turnstiles'
R.P - In Skylines and Turnstiles awkward silence is mentioned - who out of the band is most likely to break an awkward silence first?

F - To break it…Mikey Way

R.P - And how?

F - Catchphrase!
G - Hmm, I think Ray Toro right probably break an awkward silence.
F - I had a different answer
G - Who in the band likely to break an awkward silence. It's a tie between Ray Toro making a joke or Frank making a smart ass comment. One of those two things will break up an awkward silence, me and Mikey will just sit there and let it go.

R.P - Slightly different from Frank's answer

G - What…Who he say?

R.P - He said Mikey

G - Ah
F - Catchphrase
G - That's right!
F - He just walks in a room and goes nooner
G - Yeah that's true, that's true
F - Ahh so you were wrong!
G - Well no it's all agreed really, I think me and Mikey have the catchphrase thing.

'Headfirst for Halos'
R.P - The lyrics to Headfirst for Halos mentions happy thoughts - so what's your happy thought?

F - New Jersey.
G - Hmm, I guess home. Home is a happy thought. It's a really bizarre song because it references Disney movies if you really think of it. It references like Peter Pan and I don't even know why I thought I would get away with it at the time. And we just did it you know we were just like 'whatever'. I never gotten a question about Peter Pan because of it, it's weird.

'Drowning lessons'
R.P - Have you experienced any near death experiences?

F - Yes. Erm…trying to think how long ago it was, maybe a couple of months ago. A couple of friends of ours, of mine and ours, I went out with them and we went to the Salvation Army hall and bought these three piece wool suits. Don't ask why, we got into this boat, like a little row boat and we were in the middle of this lake and the boat tipped over. I thought I was going to die, it was like having four fat people on your back, it was awful, just like hanging onto you, it was terrible. I never want to drown

R.P - So you won't be doing that again soon.

F - Yeah I'm not going to do that and I don't want to drown. I really don't.
G - Not really…if I would have experienced any it would have been when I was with this band, eh definitely…Oh well I guess when I was held up with a gun. It was kinda put up to my head execution style, I thought I was going to die so it was a huge go.

'To the end'
R.P - What would you like to do to the end?

F - Play music yeah and being involved in music in any way shape or form. I would really love for this band to go on to the end but every one of us has to die and that's when this will end too.
G - Ermm…stay who I am that's the most important thing.

I'm not okay (I promise)'
R.P - What about being in a band makes you not okay?

F - Oh the things that have nothing to do with the show. Erm sometimes when you get to a higher level of touring, and your touring all the time, there's a lot of press and things to do. So sometimes the show becomes an after-thought for people, not the band but like say the band management, the label, stuff like that. They're like do this, this and this, go here, do this interview and TV show, and oh later there's the show but that's not important, but it is important and that's what makes me not okay.
G - Urm…I guess the occasional being overworked. I think any time we have any problems it's a product of being overworked.

'You know what they do to guys like us in prison'
R.P - So have any of MCR had a run-in with the law?

F - Yes, very much so!
G - …Well yeah back in the day me and Frank actually. We were coming from practice and like we got swarmed by these big SUV's like FBI style. What was it [looks at Frank] like the Vice squad or the narcotics unit…they just got us out the car and all these flash lights and they called him nappy. They actually asked if I was a vampire.
F - Yeah!
G - So I've been getting that forever. All I was wearing was blue jeans and a black jacket. I didn't even have long hair at the time either I didn't get it at all.

'This is the best day ever'
R.P - What's been your best day ever then?

F - Oh wow, honestly but this is going to sound clichéd, but there's been so many just being in this band. Any short time goal I've ever set myself has come true. We've just been so lucky.
G - Best day ever…oh I can't answer that I'm sorry. I have a hard time answering that kind of question.

'Early sunsets over Monroeville'
R.P - Sunrise or sunset?

F - Sunset.

'Thank you for the venom'
R.P - Would you prefer to be bitten by a venomous snake or a constricting snake?

F - Constricting snakes don't bite right, they just crush you to death. So would I rather be bitten or crushed…here's the thing if you get bitten its happened and its over but if you get crushed it takes longer, but I don't like getting bitten, that's not really fun but its quick so I'd say bitten [by a venomous snake]
G - Ohh…I'd prefer the constricting snake to strangle me than to be bitten by a venomous snake cause I'm afraid of needles.

R.P - What's the most fun you've had in a cubicle?

F - Fun I've had in a cubicle, I haven't had no fun in a cubicle, none. [laughs]

R.P - What's the best thing about romance?

F - Oh man, everything, everything.
G - Umm that it's kinda of…there's a period in any romantic relationship especially during the romantic period where it's very kinda mythical and almost like a movie. I think that's the best part of romance where it can be like a movie and you can be like so removed and feel like you're the only person in the world who feels what it's like going through. That's what's great about it.

'Cemetery Drive'
R.P - As a kid did cemetery's freak you out or intrigue you?

F - Intrigue me, I liked to go for walks in cemeteries. Something I liked to do, it's very peaceful.
G - They intrigued and freaked me out I think. It's kinda like I think everyone in this band is intrigued and a little scared by a lot of things we sing about and write about now. That's probably why we write about it now.

R.P - Your latest single 'Helena' got rave responses and entered the Top 20 along with 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' being in the Top 40 album chart for a while now, are you happy with the response or has it all happened so fast?

G - I'm really happy with that. I think that we've been working at it for a while now. I'm just really happy that we made an honest record and people respond the way they have to it and that's awesome. So that's why we're all really happy about it.
F - Really, it has gone really quick its hard to step back and realize what we've accomplished so far but that [Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge] just got released recently and we've only had one show on tour so far so I'll have to answer that later. But thank you and thank you to all the kids who read this for making that happen.

R.P - Yeah it seems to be in the last 6 months that your fan base has just exploded over here.

F - It's happened like that in the US too. I mean we've toured for about 2 years non-stop and we built a fan base. This record came out and it was still building and all of a sudden stuff just started to sky rocket and it happened really really quick. The only problem with that is you get a lot of fair-weather fans and a lot more of 'oh Mikey and Gerard are so cute' rather than 'play this song cause I really love it'. But hopefully those kids will grow into it and if not and they're not there in six months time that's fine too.

Rock Pulse would just like to thank both Frank Iero and Gerard Way for taking the time to do the interview as well as the rest of the band who all together put on an amazing tour. Hopefully they'll be back on our shores soon for another UK tour but until then you can catch the band at various festivals this summer.

Foto - Gee v brejličkách

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Já být tim vietnamcem, tak tam rozhodně tak blbě nestojim...:D
To je zlatíčko...:-*

Video - I´m Not Okay (live)

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Foto - Gerard 2

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Video - MCR Are Playing With Fans

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No, tak tenhle styl hry k nám do ČR asi ještě nedorazil...:D:D

The Breakfast Monkey by Gerard

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Foto - Gee + Mikey

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Foto - Gerard 1

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Ten chlap vypadá jako voskovej....:D

Video - Making Of I´m Not Okay

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PT. 1
PT. 2
PT. 3

Foto - Gee + Ray

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Odkud to leze??

Video - Mikey with fans

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Video - Gerard with fans

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Video - Interview 5

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